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About Quinny J.

Hey, everyone and welcome to Redeeming Salvation. I am so glad that you decided to bless my page with your presence. I just wanted to give a little background information about myself. My name is Dequindre Jernigan and I currently 25 years old. I love to sing and I love writing. I am studying  for my master’s degree in counseling although I currently teach little chicken nuggets (3-5 year olds)! I’m married to my best friend Jay and I am a mother to an adorable quirky young fellow named Elijah. I am Apostolic and I live my life according to the teachings of the Bible. I consider myself to be very friendly and I love meeting new people. My goal for my blog is to reach people through spiritually and emotionally topics such as Marriage and Relationships, Fitness, Beauty, Bible Studies, and Everyday Motivation. I would love for you to connect with me so make sure you click that follow button! It is greatly appreciated. Finally, feel free to comment on the different blogs I post. It will give me insight on what I can do better and provide you with the best content possible. Thank you, and God bless!


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The only impossible journey in life is you never begin!! ~Tanvir Kaur

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These messages are not ordinary. They are life changing revelations.

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